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Today my freelance job at VPRO Digitaal ended. A list of the cool people that work there. I would like to thank my boss Kars Veling (Q42) for giving me this opportunity, it was much fun! The results are not yet online and I’m not sure when they will be. I guess I’ll put up some links when they are.

(For those of you that are not Dutch (quite a lot, according to my statistics), the VPRO is a national public broadcasting company.)

Today is also four. Till now the countdown is going great. I might skip a day though.

I also went to War of the Worlds today. Compared to this Star Wars had a great story line. Really. As with Terminator 3 it was like watching one giant introduction and then it ends. Like that.

Tomorrow my secondary school period gets a closure. Last time I have to go to school. I’ll sign my diploma and claim it. And listen to some talks, obviously and the video Arthur made. Maybe Limpid will do some video production next year, who knows.

Rest me to say that DOM pollution is the new black. This was a list of paragraphs, time to go to bed.


  1. I live in the Netherlands and I hope to finish ‘high school’ this year. (I’m born the first of August 1986.)

    You’ll need to update your about page :p

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at

  2. Heh, I should do that, yes.

    Posted by Anne at