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Regarding DOM 3

Few days ago I posted about DOM 3 Events. What I wanted to do was point to this post and say that it wasn't the same with DOM 3. And it really isn't. I'm not really sure why they were published as notes, but I do know that they got several revisions, have implementations (and therefore more consensus), et cetera. DOM 3 XPath was candidate recommendation before it became a note. At a guess I think it has to do with the fact that the DOM WG discontinued, but I'm not entirely sure.

I did hear that there was a good chance the DOM WG might continue again, but it was unclear if they were going to move these specifications to recommendation status or do different things.

Also, the file I created was neither a good test case nor was it testing something from DOM 3. Oops. Now for today I was planning to create a real testcase to show how it works and how nicely it was implemented, but it seems it isn't really implemented at all. Or I have done something wrong. Firefox (I used Deer Park Alpha 2), said window.addEventListenerNS was not a function and Opera returned something weird as well. My new testcase based on addEventListenerNS.


  1. Yeah, real DOM 3 support barely exists yet. Mostly just some things which are really useful were implemented, and the rest was left for later.

    An example is DOM3 Load & Save, all browsers have similar functionality in the form of XMLHttpRequest, DOMParser and XMLSerializer, yet only Opera (partially) implemented DOM3 L&S. It’s a shame, if you ask me.


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  2. addEventListenerNS? It seems that no browser supports this (tested with Deer Park Alpha 2 and Opera 8.01).

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  3. By the way, since you are doing research about DOM, it would be great if you can complete this chart. ;-)

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  4. Sadly it doesn't work in FF 1.0.4, although actually not even worth trying it ofcourse doesn't work in IE either.

    PS: Why does your comment system support the "abbr" tag, but not the "acronym" tag, or does it but is it not said in the explanation?

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  5. acronym is just a subset of abbr (Acronym is an abbreviation that became a word, e.g. radar). I think Anne disallowed its use so as to prevent misuse of the acronym element for abbreviations which are not really acronyms, e.g. HTML.

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  6. I do know the difference between acronym and abbr, but the reason you're giving is good enough for me.

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