Anne van Kesteren


Zero. Now all I need to do is catch my plane and find the office.


  1. Good luck with speaking Norwegian!

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  2. Good luck and have fun!

    Posted by Faruk Ateş at

  3. Good luck Anne. Enjoy it.

    Posted by Rob Mientjes at

  4. Have a great time, Anne!

    Posted by Hayo Bethlehem at

  5. Luckily this isn't a joke again ;-) Opera rocks; good luck!

    Posted by Krijn Hoetmer at

  6. Good luck, and have lots of fun (but I doubt you need to be told to do that ;-) )

    Posted by Gijs at

  7. Welcome here, Anne. Will be looking forward to meeting you.

    Posted by Arve Bersvendsen at

  8. Good luck!

    You sure picked a nice day to take a plane. I heard only 40 flights per hour are allowed to depart from Schiphol with this weather, instead of the usual 90. I live near Schiphol and it isn't looking pretty ;-)

    Posted by Jeroen Mulder at

  9. Take a cab, especially for the first time you go there :)

    Otherwise, bus 34 or 54 from Jernbanetorget (Central station) in Oslo. You could buy tickets in advance at Trafikanten, outside the exit shown in the picture. Get out at 'Alexander Kiellandsplas'.

    Have fun!

    Posted by Rijk at

  10. Velkommen til fjordland.

    Posted by Moose at

  11. Well, well... have fun. ;)

    Posted by Frenzie at

  12. Welcome to Norway. Hope you'll enjoy the stay!

    Posted by Bza at

  13. Heh, Opera is becoming the new Netscape - scooping up everyone who's doing interesting things in the browser-space. Awesome.

    And cöngratz! :)

    Posted by Sander at

  14. Good luck! This is probably one of the coolest places to work at now. Don't forget to send us some Opera promotional merchandise ;)

    Posted by Dimitri Glazkov at

  15. Welcome to Opera, Norway, ...

    The bus directions were good. You can take a normal train from the airport - they are about as quick as the flytog and half the price (80 nok vs 160). Instead of going to the fancy ticket machines and through the fancy barriers you go to the old-fashioned one, and onto the platforms that seem normal, and where the train is going to or through Oslo S. If you have luggage, grab a cab, otherwise bus as described above.

    Posted by chaals at

  16. Congratulations. You really deserve this.

    Posted by Erik Arvidsson at

  17. All the best, Anne! Please let us know more when you have the time.

    By the way, I expressed my thoughts about Opera a while ago; maybe something for you to work on (feel free to remove this)? :-)

    Posted by Robert Nyman at

  18. Hey, congratulations!

    Posted by dolphinling at

  19. Is that cool or what!

    Posted by ghola at

  20. I guess you did some successful networking at the XTech boat trip! Hats off and have fun!

    Posted by Menno van SLooten at

  21. Well done Anne! I just checked the date and no April Fools this time. ;-)

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  22. Wow! How great is that! Welcome to Opera! :)

    Posted by Hallvord at

  23. Congratulations, Anne! Well deserved, both for Opera and you! I hope you like Norway as much as I do and I will be looking as much forward to seeing you as Arve. Let me know when you want to go out and have one of our incredibly expensive beers on my tab. ;-)

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at

  24. Congratulations, Anne. This job sounds absolutely perfect for you and I'm sure you'll do Opera proud. Best of luck!

    Posted by Molly E. Holzschlag at

  25. Congratulations and lots of fun with your new adventure!

    Posted by Ben at

  26. Congrats, Anne! Have a great time, I know you will. (Aren’t I speaking Yoda here.)

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at

  27. So do you live in Norway now, or are you just on a vist?

    Posted by Jon Andersen at

  28. A visit, for about six weeks. After this I will go to university in the Netherlands. I might return though, you never know :-)

    Posted by Anne at

  29. Anne, congrats on opera. I've actually just discovered all its accessibility features just recently. I'm blown away by it. I've decided to take adv of the new bit torrents client involved in opera8. I'll do my developing in firefox and browse with opera from now on, unless opera has extentions/plugins for that kind of thing of course. Just thought I'de drop a line. Kind regards.

    Posted by Tim at