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Web Applications 1.0 — contentEditable and disabled
I have rewritten major parts of the specification since last time. There are still parts unclear and have to be sorted out. From those parts the issues are mostly related to correct wording as I think I know pretty good what Internet Explorer does at the moment. It is just that writing a good specification is hard.
DOM Scripting Task Force
Seems like a good inniative. On of the Mozilla developers laughs at them though. Especially on the cross browser thing...
Help The CSS Working Group With Backgrounds and Borders
I am not really sure what this is about. Obviously about giving feedback, but www-style has existed for years...
Feed the Feeds
I am linked, therefore I am.
Meeting Microsoft
Internet Explorer 7.
Internet Explorer 7.
Version Number Changes
Firefox changes version numer next major release. Dare I say Internet Explorer 7?
Atom 0.3 Denouement
Mark has some fun comments on this one and I really hope he is going to blog again. An outline of changes between 0.3 and 1.0 would be nice though. Perhaps if I can find some time this weekend...


  1. Someone saves me some time: Moving from Atom 0.3 to 1.0.

    Posted by Anne at

  2. The way Mark phrases his comments, they always do more harm than good. I'm glad he doesn't blog anymore.

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  3. I am not really sure what this is about. Obviously about giving feedback, but www-style has existed for years...

    Not everyone is comfortable with the mailing list system. Commenting on a blog is a very straight-forward and well-known method of providing feedback. There's no reason to oppose an alternate method of providing feedback if it's easier for some people.

    Posted by Scottish at

  4. Anne, I volunteered to post the request for feedback on my blog so we could get a different viewpoint. As far as I can tell, there aren't many designers on the style list, and if there are, they're not very vocal. We're not discounting the style list, as it provides extremely useful feedback, but I especially wanted feedback from other constituencies, specifically, the design community.

    Posted by Kevin at

  5. The problem with blog comments is that they're all over the map and you can't easily determine who's replying to what. Personally, I usually get tired of reading about half way down. Mailing lists are far easier to follow because you have a clear path of reply and topics that are more focused. I'd say that web forums are a much better model than simple blog replies.

    Posted by Matthew Raymond at

  6. Someone had better write a page about subscribing to the lists, because I'm stumped.

    Posted by The Wolf at

  7. Something like this page?

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at