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This is not work in progress. I might add some additional links though. Feel free to flame, but I try to keep it nice.

On popular request I set text-align on p.meta to right. Saves me one byte plus a few complains now and then.


  1. Anne, is it just me or your blog starts to look like Hixie's? I guess it's Opera thing :) Programmers (like myself) love lots of white space, maybe because they are used to text editors.

    Posted by PragmaInline at

  2. I still miss the CSS Sucks! guy.

    Posted by Daniel Morrison at

  3. I see that you've got the whole narrow thing going again. At least it's elastic.

    Posted by Simon Jessey at

  4. Much better already (asuming colour will follow)...!

    Posted by AkaXakA at

  5. Hi Anne,

    Just because I had to find something: you should really specify a background-color every time you set a foreground color, because if someone has a blue background they won't see your links. I am aware that's all theoretical, but I for one do not use white as a background color.

    Posted by Sébastien at

  6. You just had to get a working design without DIV again, didn't you? :-P

    Posted by Henrik Lied at

  7. Sébastien, I think I have mostly fixed those issues now, although the validator still complains for a bit.

    Posted by Anne at

  8. It made a smile on my face. I love it. This layout is really you ;) Nice job!

    Posted by Marco at

  9. Whatever you do, your site is still moosified, and looks identical as ever to me :)

    Posted by Moose at

  10. As Daniel Morrison already mentioned I am also missing the 'css sucks' guy. This is your 4th layout change I am seeing and I must say the 'css sucks' guy was the best.

    This is clear (and easy to read), but in a designers perspective is sucks ;)

    Posted by Woudloper at

  11. Ah, lovely design. Breathing space, elastic, minimalistic. I'd change one thing though: the date and ‘Browse through posts’ lines are kind of out of balance, right now. Fully right aligned would be better.

    Posted by Philippe at

  12. Very usable, simplistic and lightweight. Good. But why don't you show your css skills on your personal weblog?

    Posted by Cubix at

  13. Nice code :).


    Posted by Laurens Holst at

  14. Simple, clean, lovely!

    only the text in between 'code' tags looks weird in Firefox 1.0.4 / Linux

    Posted by Marco at

  15. I think the comments should have more space between them, or a divider. At the moment it's unclear who is the author of a comment. Certainly with that down arrow.

    Posted by Kees at

  16. I find it ironic that someone who works for Opera does not test their layout in that browser. Or they would see the top line is left justified and not full width or centred. Nice change of layout though - I like it.

    Posted by Chris Hester at

  17. To be honest, I think this is the worst design you have put up. Okey, it looks good, but it's not very easy on the eyes. It's too narrow and there's too much contrast (black on white).

    Posted by BestSeller at

  18. What makes you think I did not test in Opera? I did tested in Opera, found a bug in its implementation (actually, I already knew Opera had a bug with this, my previous design suffered from it as well) and considered it not to be very harmful as the site remains usable.

    BestSeller, that is why browsers allow user style sheets.

    Posted by Anne at

  19. This is awesome, Anne. Like, OMGWTFROFL can c0d3 be any cl34n3r??!11

    Posted by Mathias at

  20. By the way, where has HREF gone? No more bookmarks on the main page or what?

    Posted by Mathias at

  21. It's centered, and the comment textarea is wider than the content. Text is a bit small too.

    Looks pretty good though.

    Posted by Philip Nilsson at

  22. I think the previous design was better. Really. At least it had some typographic adjustments...

    Posted by nick at

  23. I'm just curious why you don't leave your old stylesheets as alternative styles, so those who prefered the other layouts can choose. Although I guess they might need updating if you have changed the markup of your site as well, I still think it would be a nice touch.

    Anyway, the new style isn't really my… style, but I guess it's clean in a certain way. Personally I wouldn't have centered p.meta, to me it looks like a break from the rest of the style, looking a bit "shaken" where the rest feels "fixed". or something like that, I'm afraid I'm not very good at expressing my views on visual styles.

    Posted by Björn at

  24. Out of curiousity, why do you omit the system id on the doctype even though doing so activates the quirks mode in Mac IE 5 and the HTML 4.01 spec says “must” when it lists three doctypes with the system id (although that “must” itself is questionable)?

    Posted by Henri Sivonen at

  25. This is the shortest DOCTYPE that still allows me to validate. Well, it could be one byte shorter, but I like to validate against HTML 4.01 and not 4.0. You can tell how happy I am with the new one from HTML 5.

    Posted by Anne at

  26. Would it be a good idea to move around name, time and permalink on comments so that those of fixed (well, more or less) width (time and the word "Permalink") are to the right? As it is now, the name pushes everything to a different position.

    Posted by Albert at

  27. I don't think I need to tell you I abhor your code minimalism, even while I appreciate your design minimalism. I think this design is pretty good, and really you.

    Posted by Ben at

  28. It's ugly. There's a difference between simple and plain.

    Posted by Sebhelyesfarku at