Anne van Kesteren

Feel free

We are free, free at last. And before I am going to mention company secrets I better shut up. Just download it and feel free.

Jorgen here at the table: Feel free, feel Opera.


  1. Hooray, finally!

    So what's that big secret you're not allowed to tell us? Let's hope it's not about gigantic wooden horses ;)

    Posted by Krijn Hoetmer at

  2. So, how will they finance their operation? Or is this just an extension to their anniversary giveaway?

    Posted by Ara Pehlivanian at

  3. Ara Pehlivanian:

    But this is great news, making Opera a real competitor to FF now!

    Posted by Allan Rasmussen at

  4. YES!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me the news, Anne!

    Posted by Joey A. Tyson at

  5. Good decision from Opera. Though I'm not sure why the decision was made.

    Posted by Richard Dunlop-Walters at

  6. I think this is great, I hope they keep making money too.

    How long have you known?

    Posted by Sébastien at

  7. Richard Dunlop-Walters:

    Arve Bersvendsen answered that question with a link:

    Posted by Sébastien at

  8. Clever advertising. Now everybody boasts about Opera.

    Posted by dusoft at

  9. This is great news indeed.

    In addition to the search engine contract, remember that Opera's mobile browser is still a large part of their money making, and this move will increase the knowledge of Opera's existence and the power of their brand.

    I've always liked Opera, and wish them the best of luck.

    Posted by Cody at

  10. Come on, tell us the secret... :-) I promise I won't tell ;-)

    Posted by David Naylor at

  11. It will pay off.

    Posted by Jens Meiert at

  12. I just hope that one day it will be really free. But this may be a step forward, into that direction.

    Posted by Ben at

  13. Ben, it really is free. Do you really think Opera will expose their source code? They still have the smallest source and fastest browser.

    I think Opera did a great thing! Think free, think Opera

    Posted by Jorgen Horstink at

  14. Jorgen, if the source code is not free, the software is not really free. We don't only need free beer, we need free speech as well.

    And why would Opera not do that? Is Mozilla doing badly? Is Novell doing badly with releasing more and more products as free software? And I could go on and on...

    Posted by Ben at

  15. Anne, you know your navigation is different in Opera than in Firefox?

    Also, it screws up my new site completely...hmmm

    Posted by AkaXakA at