Anne van Kesteren

Mark’s place

Sitting here in Mark his apartment. He is doing some work for TextDrive, although not directly for them. Apparently some provider thought it was funny to shut down for some parts in the Netherlands. As Mark is studying in the middle of nowhere (Enschede) he did not have access at all. (A lot of other sites do not work either from here.) I managed to connect to the university of Utrecht using VPN though and now I have full internet access. (I could not connect to the Opera office as Opera is apparently on the list that you can not access through this annoying provider. I still can’t as you can only have single VPN connection at a time. At least, it seems to work that way.)

Anyway it is fun, we are supposed to go out in half an hour or so which is great as I spend over three hours in the train today. Posts on SGML comments tomorrow or when I come back from Rome. (Did I mention Q42 has the best for fun trips?)