Anne van Kesteren

Opera 9 preview

Read the full changelog. The line is red. (What a horrible color for a pass condidition, read Writing Test Cases for Web Browsers.) We support xml:id. Including the weird case of appending it to a text/html document. Please find bugs and report them here, on the forums or in the bug database.

First browser with experimental support for Web Forms 2. Please, play with it! We also support html:canvas now. On that element we support toDataURL(), but not toDataURL(in DOMString type) as it was added to the specification at a later date.

And more. Download for Windows.


  1. Hooooray for Opera!

    Posted by Daniel at

  2. It crashes when I press the first button in the Sample Order Form test case.

    Posted by zcorpan at

  3. Anne, does it support POST using XMLHttpRequest now? I didn't find evidence of this in changelog

    Posted by Alexey Zakhlestine at

  4. I am glad to see that Opera added the support for the HTTP Link header field. And passing Acid 2 will not last long anymore. You are on the right way!

    Posted by Markus Wulftange at

  5. Their Web Forms 2.0 implementation needs a lot of work.

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  6. CSS includes + HTTP headers = big mess

    Posted by Rob Eberhardt at

  7. zcorpan, yeah known bug. We should have fixed that though before the preview. Dean, I would welcome test cases. Like I said, it is experimental.

    Alexey, you would have to test. At the moment I am underinformed about all the things we support. (It is hard to keep track of too.)

    Rob Eberhardt, I do not really get your point. It is incredibly useful to attach a style sheet to thousands of documents without having to modify the markup of them. The Link header originates from HTTP 1.0. It was not included in HTTP 1.1 due to lack of implementations. Now there are two implementations, there is a chance of getting it back in, or standardizing it in some other way.

    Posted by Anne at

  8. Seems like they've fixed some absolute positioning bugs, so your menu renders all the way across the screen now. Is this your doing, by chance? They also have fixes for things concerning HTML comments and @import rules. Things like your recent posts have been about. Coincidence? :-)

    I need to get over opening new tabs with Ctrl+T instead of Ctrl+N, though; I just opened three different windows. @_@

    Posted by Ryan at

  9. I pushed some things, yes. There are other people too though, like Tim Altman and Tarquin. I'm very happy with the fact that we follow the initial containing block rules correctly now. People no longer have to bitch at me for making my site in a way that it does not look equivalent in Opera and Firefox.

    Posted by Anne at

  10. Yeah, red sucks for pass conditions. Now I never get to work at Opera (or Google) ;(

    Oh well, it makes people laugh and it's good for elitism.

    Posted by Krijn Hoetmer at

  11. Ah. As long as Opera allows you to redefine keyboard shortcuts I don't mind them changing opening a new page from CTRL+N to CTRL+T, it's easy to change back.

    I'm still missing the last-child selector though

    Posted by Björn at

  12. Which parts of the WebForms 2.0 specs is supported ? Is there a list of implemented specs ?

    (Noticed that the demo of the DateTime input type works but the demos of repition model and prefilling the repetition model don't.)

    Posted by Yoeri at

  13. Nice improvement to SVG support too! :)

    Posted by Jeff Schiller at

  14. What about NPRuntime stuff? Do you know if that will that be included?

    Posted by Geoff at

  15. Alexey: Opera has supported POST for XMLHttpRequest since 8.0, in a workable manner since 8.01 (with the introduction of support for setRequestHeader), and correctly since 8.02 (in 8.01 they always appended "text/xml; charset=utf-8" to any content-type that was sent).

    Posted by Sander at

  16. Woei! 3 out of 4 bugs I once reported have (finally) been fixed in this release!

    The fourth one is a bug that is subject to discussion because of vagueness in the specs: in Opera clipped content can obstruct underlaying elements (such as links) as shown on

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  17. :lang() selector no longer applies to xml:lang attributes.

    What? Why not?

    Overall, big number of fixes, great step forward.


    Posted by Laurens Holst at

  18. Laurens, I think that was a mistake. From what I have tested we only fail HTTP related ones on :lang().

    Posted by Anne at

  19. Looks like there's some interesting stuff going on there.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  20. fieldset legend { display: none; } seems to be broken :?

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  21. That was a known issue. It was fixed today. Your other bug is being worked on, we might have it in final. I can not promise anything though.

    Posted by Anne at

  22. Alright Opera! Hopefully this continues to push Web Forms 2.0 forward. It's all so very simple when you think about it. How slowly these standards develop. Arghhh!!!

    Posted by LloydChristmas at

  23. Laurens,

    Do you mean for HTML (text/html) or XHTML (application/xhtml+xml)?

    As far as I could test the :lang() selector never works in Opera 8 with xml:lang for real XHTML documents. I'd really like to find out I'm wrong about that and why.

    On another subject I have the same problem with XML stylesheets that you pointed out on Tim Altman's weblog and for which he made a test case. On my site it's pretty radical.

    Posted by Sébastien at

  24. What I think that the release notes meant to say was that as we do no longer support namespaces in HTML (as in text/html) xml:lang is no longer recognized in text/html as a "lang" kind of attribute and therefore is not used for :lang() based matching. Unless it really is in a namespace which can only be done through the DOM for text/html documents.

    Posted by Anne at

  25. And also, I can assure you we fix the alternate style sheet processing instruction bit in time. As a matter of fact, it should be fixed in internal builds that have yet to come out.

    Posted by Anne at

  26. Thanks for the precisions Anne

    I was pretty sure it was more an overlook than a hard bug.

    Also I noticed you said we when talking about Opera..., hé hé !

    Posted by Sébastien at

  27. Another piece of good news: Opera 9 recognizes xml:lang attribute values for CSS :lang() selectors in XHTML pages: test case.

    Posted by Sébastien at