Anne van Kesteren


Opera. Can not tell. Oh well, I do stuff with the W3C for them. Now I have access to the universe the world and everything, or rather, the member only areas and I can not tell. I would like too though, lots of fun. I am on public mailing lists as well, also for my job. So there is some information I can talk about. XFrames for example. It is nice to see that the HTML WG still continues with this. However, I am not sure why we need yet another markup language. The new #frames(stuff) is cool and useful though. I think it should apply to any markup language that has the ability to embed other documents, not just XFrames. Using CSS you can style multiple of those elements and create some sort of framesets. You even have some additional advantages, like being able to include some content in the “frameset” page.

Besides that I do some quality assurance as well. As that is mainly about nifty new features I can not tell much. It is fun to build testcases though and now and then I publish them on the WHATWG mailing list. (Although those are not particularly Opera centric.)


Doing this partially for Laurens and to learn XSLT. Using a technology is the only good way to truly understand it. I get the concept of XSLT a lot better than two days ago, although I’m not quite there yet. Now I am on topic, Xopus does not validate against a DTD. Q42 doesn’t use ancient specifications. The XML Schema validator from Internet Explorer is partially reused and there is native support to assist the editor of the document. (All this can be found on the product page.)

University. I keep track of it.