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.nl-domain names: DNS hosting

I would like to try DreamHost and move some of my hosting abroad. Reasons are the options they offer and that it is not that expensive. I want a way to use some of my .nl-domain names with the new hosting though. Until now I mostly did hosting with the domain name in a single package. I never really looked at DNS hosting. The ability to change the nameserver is all I need (and good service). Does anyone know a Dutch company that arranges such things in a good and easy way?


  1. You could take a look at They offer full control over your zonefile and nameservers: see their page for more information about possibilities with DNS. ;)

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  2. I've got a couple of domains running at
    They provide a great DNS service based on

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  3. My DNS is registered with MediaDesign, DNS and web hosting provided by TextDrive. And if you've got TextDrive, who needs Dreamhost? ;-)

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  4. Check out transip

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  5. You can also take a look at a free service like XName. The ability to change the nameserver should be requested per mail (or something like that) at your current registrar, so no need to change your hosting company (de internet man).

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  6. DreamHost is great. I love their support, usually takes under 1 hour to get help from a live person.

    Can't help you with the domain department but any registrar has to give you the ability to specify your own WHOIS record contents and this includes your DNS servers. If not, you can request your money back or transfer the domain to any other registrar.

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  7. You could always use ZoneEdit (free). It took a little explaining to my registrar, but it works!

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  8. Yes, TransIP has this automated online registration system, you can fully manage and buy domainnames without faxing or snailmaling SIDN.

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  9. I'm not unhappy with

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  10. You might want to take a look at this blogpost

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  11. Dootall has always worked fine for me. Professional user interface, always fast responses to DNS change inquiries, extensive support for various Dutch payment methods.

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