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XML 1.1

Just mentioning it. Besides having (proper) support for xml:id in Opera 9, we also support XML 1.1. Download Opera 9. Support for XML 1.1 has been added earlier by the way, this is not solely a Opera 9 feature. I was wondering if anyone had any concrete testcases for it or a short pointer where I can find them within all the XML testcases from the W3C. (This example is not well-formed.)

For the people out there who like greater version numbers. This is not such a specification. XML 1.1 does not replace XML 1.0. For example section 5.1 of the XML 1.1 specification says in the last paragraph: XML 1.1 processors MUST be able to process both XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 documents. Programs which generate XML SHOULD generate XML 1.0, unless one of the specific features of XML 1.1 is required.


  1. By the way, are we right to suspect Opera 17 available for download when IE 7 is in stores? Curious about the frequency Opera publishes new versions ;)

    Posted by Jens Meiert at

  2. Versioning is generally marketing, but for desktop browsers I think our version number is reasonable. If development of Internet Explorer had not ceased after version 6 for a long time they probably would have had a similar release number. Or just called it XP. Netscape, albeit not the best, would be another example. Also, we exist for over ten years now. Bringing out one product a year seems ok.

    See also Mozilla is getting Complex some more thoughts on releases (and versioning).

    I guess nobody wants to even tough XML 1.1… Understandable.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. :-( I had hoped all browser vendors would stand united in ignoring XML 1.1.

    Posted by Henri Sivonen at