Anne van Kesteren

Opera 9 Preview 2

At Opera we don’t do Web 2.0. We are at the next level, never release a beta product. Just keep up with the technical previews. Anyway, it is download day. A lot of bugs from the Web Forms 2 Test Suite have been fixed since the first preview and a lot of other bugs as well. Arve “I build web applications for the mobile phone” Bersvendsen has a nice post with screenshots of the new functionality. Moose posted about his CSS backend work. Also on -o-text-overflow:ellipsis. Yup. We also support opacity now, however, that may not be news to you. Tim has covered new features as well. Enough to read/do today, it seems.

Things may crash, like last time, and we still appreciate bug reports on that. Also on other things. Questions? New features you want to have? Get it here.


  1. Someday somebody is going to have to explain what web 2.0 is.

    Nobody seems to agree.

    Posted by Egor Kloos at

  2. Web 1.0 stands for “This site is under construction” and Web 2.0 is all about “Public Beta.” Some people have expressed this in pictures.

    Regarding Opera 9, there are even more screenshots and such on, which is also featuring pictures of my managers at the moment. So much joy.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Anne, I think that was a joke :) Isn't Web 2.0 about getting bought by Yahoo..Opera isn't bought so we aren't Web 2.0 :)

    Seriously, Opera has done some Web 2.0 related work. Our SPARQL engine is in the least academically.

    Posted by Gorm at

  4. I think it's kinda sad to put so much effort into not using the term "beta". It's a waste of effort, nobody cares whether it's Web 2.0 or not to use the term beta. Your new version 9 browser is in beta stage, it's a beta product, whether you define it as "preview" or whatever isn't going to change that. Hell, you guys even still call it Beta Testing.

    So please, to you and all of Opera, drop the act and just release the new browser without crazy masking or mudding. Call it Opera 9 beta 2, Preview 2, whatever, but this whole "Web 2.0 charade" is just a waste of effort and, to me, it just looks really bad for the company.

    Posted by Faruk Ateş at

  5. Faruk, we’re just not ready for an official beta release yet. I was just kidding in my post. Please don’t get upset over nothing.

    Posted by Anne at

  6. At least with the Unix builds, it still shows TP1 as being the latest version. You have to change the URI manually to get to the download.

    Posted by Jim at

  7. The source editing thing is great! I already found a css bug though..

    Posted by James / AkaXakA at

  8. Wow Faruk, file that in the "flame" category.

    Posted by Christian Montoya at

  9. A redrawing bug can be seen here: operaredrawingproblem groetjes

    Posted by Lon at

  10. Faruk, quoted from the Opera Snapshot Site:



    Posted by Leo Kennis at

  11. So preview means alpha then? (I still need to add those silly tags around each sentence)

    Posted by Martijn at

  12. More or less. And yeah you do. It is to keep out those we should not comment anyway and an easy way for me to ensure some well-formed backend. Please no more replies on this subject anymore by the way, they will just end up being deleted.

    Posted by Anne at

  13. the widget engine is interesting, but i'm puzzled as to why it wasn't uncoupled from the browser itself?

    Posted by patrick h. lauke at

  14. What about the star in address bar?

    Posted by Bump at

  15. I do not like Opera. There are too many versions of it. All of them behave different. Code (javascript code for DHTML applications) you write for one of them work different on next version. It handles positioning different every time.

    Posted by Bruce Anderson at

  16. I Agree on the previous point made, it’s a problem the way different versions of Opera handle positioning.

    Posted by Drukwerk at