Anne van Kesteren


I’m at this thing called BarCamp at the moment drinking beer and trying to do some work (and blogging). Also meeting people and hanging out with one other Opera employee, Mark Wubben, Flock people, Technorati and all that Web 2.0 crap. Still fairly undecided where I’m going to catch some sleep though.


  1. (So my software is configured in UMT I believe, at the moment it is 0:36.)

    Posted by Anne at

  2. En styrepils før jobb er alltid bra :-p Don't get too wasted...I dont need more spacenames implemented wrong in HTML 3.3 mode from you in my inbox :-p

    Posted by Olli at

  3. So are you two going to be there/here on saturday?

    Posted by James AkaXakA at

  4. Not sure, I just woke up and repeating this again tonight…

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Right. If you do, let me know (if you want to meet up there that is).

    Posted by James AkaXakA at

  6. cu there, crap, crap ;)

    Posted by gandalf at

  7. I was at barcamp from saturday evening on, so I haven't met you Anne. I hope to see you next time, though.

    BarCamp was fun.

    Posted by Okke at