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Meetings in California

Third meeting day ended today with a dinner paid by AOL. Posting from that restaurant, more or less. Yesterday Mozilla paid. The day therefore we paid ourselves, which in my case entails someone else paid. Free dinners are good. This is basically the end of the Web APIs Working Group face to face meeting and the start of the Web Application Formats Working Group meeting. Half of today was about Access Control. We probably make it non-XML-specific and add an HTTP header to make that possible. Perhaps other mechanisms as well. Host names are hopefully going to be URIs using the matching mechanisms defined by P3P. Anyway, this will soon be published at some place so you can comment on it. E-mailing me might help, but arguments have to be pretty convincing and all that.

Anyway, California is pretty cool and the weather is great. Saturday I’m going discover San Fransisco for a bit. Today we also went to the Mozilla Corperation before dinner. Made funny pictures and all that. Anyway, having fun. I will probably be back on Monday or so, flying from here at Sunday. Flying for eleven hours is crazy.

Getting a beer here is fun too. For the next few days I’m born in 1984 instead of 1986. The first day saying I forgot my identification I was kicked out of some pub; sucks! We discussed lots of W3C stuff in the last three days though and more to come. DOM Level 3 Core, DOM Level 3 Events, Selectors API (soon to be published), DOM Level 3 XPath, XMLHttpRequest, XMLHttpRequest 2, Window et cetera. The Web APIs Working Group is cool! The Web Application Formats Working Group is addressing XBL and Web Forms 2 and perhaps widgets even. Going to discuss that tomorrow. You know that all kinds of stuff breaks the web? Charles came up with &btw;.

This is also my first time in the United States. Everything is big, fat and fun. The commercials are really stupid in my opinion: The cleaning guy is drug tested and backround checked. There are lots of other funny “things” as well. Oh well.


  1. The Californians are pretty strict about serving alcohol. I wouldn’t mess with them.

    When I was 18, I was in California with my parents. I wasn’t allowed to have a non-alcoholic drink at the bar counter in a restaurant when I was accompanied by my parents! I had to go a couple of meters away.

    Last year I wasn’t allowed to stay a couple of minutes in alcohol serving premises without drinking before I showed ID.

    Also, in a private company area where alcohol was served, we weren’t allowed to move freely around before everyone (no matter how old looking) was checked for age and given a corresponding wrist band.

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  2. There's no such thing as a free lunch :)

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  3. Cool man :).

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  4. Anne!

    Hoop dat je het leuk hebt! Heb je buiten de vergaderingen om nog wel de tijd om iets leuks te doen? Lijkt me op twee manieren veel te vet daar :) De groeten en nog veel plezier!

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  5. Aight - Party like it's 1984!

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