Anne van Kesteren

SVG orbit demo

How Did The Moon Get Into Orbit? Now you know. The canvas demo is pretty cool, but it has the problem that it relies on an implementation bug in Firefox. Perhaps that’s the reason the page states To use this page you need Firefox 1.5, but it would be really easy to make it work in Opera and perhaps other browsers as well by not assuming that omitting the action attribute on the form element will cause the form not to be submitted. It’s optional. I guess Firefox only does that for HTML pages at the moment. Anyone who knows the person who can fix this? Please contact me or or ask that guy directly.

Oh, by the way. It might indeed be that this works in some recent Opera 9 beta build because of a regression. Not the point. So the original title, as the slug suggests, said something about the canvas element. Oops. And again, not the point.