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Opera stuff

We have done some cool stuff at Opera. Released Opera Mini 2.0 for example (see what my manager says about it or a non-Opera-employee). We’re on Wii. For Opera 9 the last few bugs are gettings fixed and some features landed, like contenteditable (I tried).


  1. Cool. By the way, your entry does not validate, you're missing a closing parenthesis ;)

    Posted by Jeff Schiller at

  2. @Jeff Schiller, this page doesn't invalid, but not because of the missing end tag, as end tag is not required for many elements in HTML.

    The Java demo is cool, by the way. I now no longer need to use the super slow and expensive GPRS to just take a look of my webpages under Opera mini.

    Posted by minghong at

  3. Correction: what I intended to type was "this page isn't valid", not "this page doesn't invalid"

    Posted by minghong at

  4. Wiil done!

    Posted by James / AkaXakA at

  5. So when is Opera 9 Final due?

    Posted by Chris Hester at

  6. Opera mini is super way cool. After reading your post I decided to load it onto my Motorola cell phone, and I found that it works better than I thought anything ever could on my phone. I am seriously way impressed. Thank you very much for enlightening me with your post.

    Posted by Jacob at

  7. Chris, when it’s “ready” I guess. I don’t really care about that.

    By the way, for people who love new features in beta builds. We just landed support for DOM Level 2 Style minus the obsoleted interfaces. Crazy.

    Posted by Anne at

  8. Cool stuff. When will Opera be able to position HTML elements on top of iframe's?

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  9. When will Opera be able to position HTML elements on top of iframe's? Been possible since Opera 9 technical preview 1.

    Posted by TarquinWJ at