Anne van Kesteren

reboot8: day three

ended yesterday. Slept most of the morning, had a (large) strawberry pie. Didn’t finish it (Mark did). Went to “the squatters commune in Denmark” – Christiania. After that saw a closed library and some Joint Strike Fighter prototype. Met some people from Joyent and found a terrific wifi place at some square. Network is called EEA-Visitors and it’s great. Thanks to the people who put that together. Going to Tivoli later. (People taking pictures from us here, making remarks about spacious offices and such.)

In unrelated news: Opera started supporting contenteditable in some build. Probably has bugs. Let me know if you find any.


  1. Here are some bugs

    This testcase is a little haotic, but I hope you will figure it out.

    On the bottom, there are links to 3 testcases.

    Also, with all three, links are being disabled but this is probably already fixed in internal builds?

    Posted by diz at

  2. A bug (I think): Block that is'n editable in a editable block can be edited in Opera. IE gives options to resize the uneditable block (sets a padding?).

    Posted by Koen De Vreeze at