Anne van Kesteren

Things done in Boston so far

Bought an iPod to follow this Mark guy. While trying to upload some music from my iPod Mini to iTunes the iPod Mini became completely broken and I lost all my music. Fortunately I have a backup. Unfortunately I won’t have access to it until somewhere in September. Apple should just provide that functionality. After all, I own both fricking iPods.

I also bought a pair of “Italian shoes” that completely destroyed both my feet. Bah.

Saw lots of donut and bagel shops. Haven’t eaten one yet. Did try a Corn Muffin, blueburry cake and a croissant at Starbucks. Won’t ever do that again. The frappuccinos are nice though. I tried them at seven different Starbucks. Saw about ten to twelve different Starbucks. Crazy.

Bought two books from John Grisham after having read The Broker which I bought in Heathrow. They’re ok although I wonder how the bookshop could qualify them as literature.

Second day of the meeting now. Discussing Widgets. Public requirements specification is available. Comments are welcome.


  1. Italian shoes are supposed to do that.

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  2. As they say, you have to suffer for style. ;)

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at