Anne van Kesteren

Preparing Opera for Vista

We’ve been visiting building 20 at Microsoft with Huib, Ólafur, David and Petter for the last few days preparing Opera for Vista. Making it use some of the platform functionality and all that. That’s what the unexpected travel was about. If you’re working on such stuff you might want to take a look at DevReadiness; a community site dedicated to it. Lots of friendly people working at building 20 by the way.

Last Sunday we had some time to check out Seattle. We went to the Space Needle, had a trip on a sailboat and wasted money on random things. Yesterday we visited the Microsoft Company Store and I bought some t-shirts there. Never thought I’d buy a Microsoft t-shirt, let alone two. There really is a first time for everything. Tomorrow we’ll be checking out Seattle again and its surroundings. Somewhere around six we’ve this Opera meetup.


  1. Very interesting. As far as I understand, the advantages in Vista are only interface-related. Is there much internal goodness also coming, or will the interface be it?

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  2. Charl, off the top of my head, I suspect that the new centralised RSS/Atom feed management service would count under the ‘platform integration’ banner. There's physically more to Vista than Microsoft are given credit for. The argument continues whether those changes (interface and potentially useful backend technologies) are enough for consumers to upgrade.

    It's important not to confuse the two different discussions though.

    Posted by Ben Ward at

  3. My sincere compassion for the psychological harm that was done to you in order for you to buy two M$ T-shirts.

    Great to hear you had a great time, though.

    Posted by Grey at