Anne van Kesteren

Widget: SimAquarium

Widgets everywhere nowadays. Even the W3C is doing work on it calling it Web Applications Packaging Format Requirements. Doug Schepers suggested to name it Web Rich Application Packaging, a long word for wrap. Too bad we didn’t. Opera does widgets too, but since I already have a clock and wasn’t particularly interested in one written in SVG I didn’t really use them. Until now.

SimAquarium is all the widget you want. You can buy fish that won’t die, put them in front of a browser theme and buy transparent lights. What more do you want?


  1. I really like how this is all just js in a zip file. Much easier to hack. :)

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  2. Ditto.

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  3. Keep it quiet you guys, I'm selling virtual fish and aquarium supply on eBay as we speak.

    Posted by Sébastien Guillon at