Anne van Kesteren

Web API WG update

Last week or so the Web API Working Group (now with fancy Web 2.0 Beta logo…) published the following documents of which I’m the editor:

We appreciate feedback, as always.


  1. I thought the Web 2.0 logo creator was just a joke but I'm noticing that many sites are actually using it.

    I'll have to give the XMLHttpRequest Working Draft a read-through when I have more time.

    Posted by Thomas Higginbotham at

  2. i read the selectors api -- thanks anne. :)

    under the examples (, it reads f would contain the first element in the document either having an ID of foo or bar (or both) for var f = document.matchSingle("#foo, #bar");

    how can both happen? the value of the attribute ID must be a single token, (ie <body id="foo bar"> is invalid), or is this new in html5?

    Posted by Paul Arzul at

  3. Here’s an invalid, but well-formed scenario: <xhtml:p id="foo" xml:id="bar"/>.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  4. so the (or both) brings one’s thinking to an invalid edge case. assuming that’s not deliberate, wording it around an attribute selector would remove that case and may serve as a better example.

    Posted by Paul Arzul at

  5. Well, it is deliberate. It would be better if you gave feedback on the draft at though. Much appreciated.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at