Anne van Kesteren

Back in Boston

Just arrived in Boston. The flight with Northwest Airlines was pretty good, except that the KLM priority label on my luggage didn’t have the effect I expected it would. For about thirty minutes I was afraid my luggage got lost, but then it rolled off the belt. I’m going to the W3C office tomorrow to meet up with Dean and maybe a few other people.

The reason I’m here is that the W3C helds a mini technical plenary (the real one is in November) and two of the Working Groups I’m in are meeting up. Starts with the Web Application Formats Working Group for me on Monday. We’ll be discussing (in so far there’s a need) XBL 2.0 (just recently republished as second Last Call), Widgets 1.0, Access Control and a not yet published deliverable about a web application format. The last two are planned for Tuesday, by the way. If there’s anything I think is relevant I’ll post it here.