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Singapore airport

Apparently Singapore airport has "Free Internet Access". Pretty cool. Too bad my laptop battery is so dead I can only use some crappy computer with Internet Explorer in kiosk mode. (Please excuse the typos, if any.)


  1. By the way, this version of Internet Explorer, probably six, renders my site like total crap. Well, the menu that is.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  2. You should have got some power socket adapter. IMHO the best place to enjoy the WLAN is the bar next to the pool on the roof of terminal 2 (if I remember it correctly) while drinking a Singapore Sling. ;)

    Posted by graste at

  3. What are you doing in Singapore, Anne? :)

    Posted by Henrik Lied at

  4. @ Henrik: He is probably flying back from Brisbane (Australia) to the Netherlands...

    Posted by Woudloper at

  5. I didn't subscribe to your web feed (which is usually quite interesting) to get stuff like this. Maybe you should mark posts like these as "don't notify thousands of people that I just wrote this".

    Posted by Fake Fakenstein at

  6. Next time you are in Singapore (and not transiting), you should give a talk or meet our just kickstarted web standards group!

    Posted by Divya at

  7. I always wonder what kind of a response to people like "Fake" is the most effective. You can get your money back doesn't seem to be quite strong enough.

    Probably the solution is simply to post "bloggy" posts more regularly, so that no one can get the impression that weblogs are anything other than people writing about everything that interests them.

    Posted by Sander at

  8. I posted this because I thought it would be cool to post something from the airport in Singapore. I don’t get there often and it’s quite a unique location for someone living in the Netherlands. Much the same reason I posted from within the W3C Boston office a year ago. Another reason is to archive bits of what I’ve done here for my future self. All this is of course completely biased and opinionated much like the rest of my weblog.

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at

  9. Last summer I was there as well and I posted something on my blog too :) Other stuff I remember from Singapore airport: 16 year-olds walking around with machine guns and having to boot up my laptop before entering the plane to show it wasn't a bomb...

    Posted by Menno at

  10. Did you know that Singapore Airport was modeled after our very own Schiphol Airport?

    That being said, Singapore Airport was the best airport I've ever been. It's a pretty cool place.

    Posted by Rogier at

  11. LOL! I have been there.. I often forget what it is ike to suffer with a slow IE interface.. I so much prefer firefox, and find anything else just slow beause of the way I multi surf multipe tabs.. I assume you either did not have access to a USB port to use portable firefox, or don't carry one?

    Posted by Denise at

  12. Would have loved to meet up with you Anne! Somehow I never got the "free internet access" to work. I think you have to pay for the wifi, it's the kiosks that are free.

    Posted by Lucian at

  13. Why can't Western Europe have more free hot spots? On every location there's a different supplier with a different cost sceme. War-driving is slowly dying too, because everybody starts to secure their router. I just bought a mobile GSM card to have internet access in the whole Netherlands, but unfortunally I travel a lot through Europe...

    Posted by M. Kuikens at