Anne van Kesteren

4AM Road Trip to Madrid

The seventeenth of August, 4:24AM, Charles, Robin, and I decided not to make a crazy, though legendary, road trip from Mañana to Madrid, with the goal of me making my 10:40AM flight to Oslo by transit through Amsterdam, by drinking a "yellow thing". There is something ironic about that. This means that I will probably not get to Oslo today and will not make my flight from Oslo to Amsterdam the next day. What this further implies is at the time of writing unclear, although it seems likely I will have some more fun in Spain and there is a high probability of not going back to Oslo. (This story started by a bus not showing up around 1:50AM at the Tanis bar in Riaño, probably due to the fact that the reservation was made late and nobody else was waiting for a bus there.)

In related news, at this point (and some points before this one) my beard is bigger than that from Charles due to the fact that he shaved his just before he went to Madrid (historical moment, last time this happened was seven years ago) and my shaving equipment is within my lost luggage which has been traced back to Madrid where I will not pick it up tomorrow due to the aforementioned incident. Shabby is the word I think. Maybe dodgy.

Spain has been fun apart from the luggage incident: Wine, beer, Spanish ham, apple crumble, sculpturing the fireplace, killing flies, the now famous "yellow thing", the mountains "La Cruz" and "Cariscao", and various local events ("fiesta", "siesta", Wii Sports, et cetera).