Anne van Kesteren

XTech 2008

In 2005 during exam time I was able to attend a boat dinner during XTech. The next two years I was able to attend the whole event (2006, 2007). In 2007 I did a lightning talk on HTML5. This year I want to do another one of those (I’ve yet to hear back from the lightning talk committee) and I’ll also be giving a full presentation! The presentation will be about the future of cross-site requests and I’ll post all stuff online here once I’ve given it. I hope it goes well.

You can still sign up for XTech 2008. Like last year we might have another browser summit hosted by Molly though details are still to be worked out I believe.

I’ll be arriving in Dublin in the evening of Sunday May 4 and since the conference starts May 7 I’ll gladly take any tips for what to do in Dublin. Thanks!


  1. There is a great little gathering on monday and tuesday being held in Dublin... they meet under the banner of "WAF" and I think you might enjoy joining them to talk about widgets:P

    Posted by Marcos Caceres at

  2. For food, I made up a quick little Ireland restaurant review page

    Posted by Dave Orchard at