Anne van Kesteren

Standards Suck

After a few beers in Maraña Marcos and I decided to make a podcast show. We eventually made it the next week in Dublin and seeing the result I think we’ve a lot to learn, but it’s fun to do: Standards Suck.

(We realize Flash and XHTML DOCTYPEs are evil. Hopefully we’ll fix that in due course, but for now Youtube and WordPress are quite convenient.)


  1. Anne, after reading your blog and watching you on your way for more the four years now, this is a great chance to say "Thank You"! You have always been helping, guiding and inspiring me.
    A thousand Thanks for all that.

    Posted by ben_ at

  2. Why are you singling out XHTML? The DOCTYPE should only have been introduced to trigger quirks mode.

    I did like your comments about web accessibility in the Video.

    Molly seems to be moving towards a new standards revolution.

    Posted by Alan Gresley at