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reboot10: Connected Rabbits

Just watched on the internet of things by Rafi Haladjian from Violet. Rabbits connected to the internet through wifi that can read you books that have RDID tags. Multiple rabbits together can be programmed to perform an opera. Now they did rabbits they want to connect everything else, by for instance enhancing such objects with an RFID tag. An example given was a kid showing his RFID tagged keys to his rabbit with the result that some picture frame on grandma’s wall is updated. Or you show your umbrella (with RFID sticker) to your rabbit and the rabbit tells you it can be left at home.

Earlier today I attended Infrastructure Gratis & Libre by David S. Isenberg (see also: Rise of the Stupid Network). It was about the technology being available to do away with all bandwidth problems, but it not being made available because network providers would not really profit from it. The Paradox of the Best Network seems related. Anyone with more details?

Meanwhile I’m trying to finish my talks for tomorrow. A 15x20 presentation and a full talk, Keeping the Web Free. Given all the great talks this isn’t really going as well as I was hoping it would.


  1. I asked, and it appears to be a cable consisting of 864 fibers which each can do 160 wavelengths. And a wavelength can transfer ten gigabit a second. This cable was reportedly made by Corning Cable Systems. David also mentioned that in Japan they’ve cables with two thousand fibers. You do the math.

    Also interesting: The myth of interference by David Weinberger.

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