Anne van Kesteren


In a few hours from now (at about 4AM Utrecht, The Netherlands) I’ll leave with a taxi that takes me to a bus, which takes me to Brussels; from where a plane takes me to Newark, New York; from where a plane takes me to San José, Costa Rica; from where a bus takes me to Managua, Nicaragua. Well, not just me, a bunch of other people too. This trip is probably as bad, if not worse, as the one I once took with David Storey to get to Seattle from Oslo (via Paris and Atlanta). The upside, as it happens, is that this is vacation and that I’ll stay there for three weeks (though not at one place). Also, I should be sleeping now, but I’m trying to prepare my camara and iPod so I don’t go completely unprepared (relax, I took the shots). I don’t know yet whether to take my OLPC, it’s probably small enough to easily fit in the backpack, but it might be quite useless if the only places where we’ll get network access have internet cafes anyway.