Anne van Kesteren


Also, by this point it is clear that I will attend the W3C Technical Plenary in October (ticket and hotel arranged) and will attempt to climb the Kilimanjaro in the first two weeks of November (ticket not yet arranged; just waiting for some more miles to arrive so I can fly business class on the way home).


  1. Having partially followed the Flickr and alt thread myself, I have to say I completely agree with you. Fortunately I have no doubt that sanity will prevail in the end.

    Posted by Fyrd at

  2. Mt Kilimanjaro sounds awesome! If you need a climbing buddy, and you are going straight after TPAC, count me in!:D

    Posted by Marcos Caceres at

  3. You knew what the photo was. So that alt="" text is non-conforming. :-)

    Posted by Ian Hickson at

  4. Marcos, you’re all set!

    Posted by Anne van Kesteren at