Anne van Kesteren

Opera University Tours: California

After the W3C Technical Plenary I went back home for eight hours of solid sleep at which point I took a taxi straight back to Schiphol to make a flight to San Francisco. I did a few talks (HTML5 FTW!) for the first week of the Opera University Tours in the Northern California region. Has been a lot of fun discussing the Web with students around here.

I attended the WHATWG meetup as well and missed out on going to something at Google the next day due to being in downtown San Francisco with collegues instead of close to Google. We had some great food at a place close to the harbor. (Earlier that day I had a lemonade at a place called “Hot Dog on a Stick…”) Will be checking out the food at Mozilla tomorrow. Going there for lunch after which I will probably take the train back to the airport to get on the 4:25PM flight back to Amsterdam.

I arrive in Amsterdam Saturday around 11AM and will meet up with Marcos later that day in Utrecht, probably around 2:30PM. The next day we will leave on a relatively early flight from Schiphol to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Awesomeness!

(When I get back from that I will be in the Netherlands for a few days at which point I will go to Germany for the second week of Opera University Tours in that country.)


  1. You have some awesome vacation destinations Anne, I'm jealous. :)

    Posted by Cameron McCormack at

  2. Sounds lke a minorly crazy schedule. Try to get some sleep in between. I'm glad I got to meet you today at Cal Poly! --Javen

    Posted by IceArdor at

  3. Sounds like a whirlwind. I'm so jealous. Did you get to see anything remarkable while in San Francisco? That is one of my favorite towns for a weekend of fun. They just started doing tours of the city in a zepplin - I would love to do that.

    Posted by Dana Carlyle at

  4. Led Zeppelin are touring San Francisco? Oh wait...

    Posted by Chris Hester at