HTML5 by Anne van Kesteren (Opera Software ASA)

The Web's language is HTML

The Web's application language is HTML too

HTML is pretty broken

HTML5 to the rescue

Defines processing for all of HTML

Is for Web applications and documents

Is defined in as an abstract language

Can be written in both HTML (HTML5) and XML (XHTML5)

Is a multi-vendor effort

Worked on by overlapping groups: WHATWG and W3C HTML WG

HTML5 is (partially) implemented today

HTML5 can be used today

Great Community! (Wikis, tools, tests, reviewing)

<section>, <footer>, <progress>, <time>, …

<input type=date>, <input pattern=[a-Z]>, …

Immediate mode graphics: <canvas>

<video> and <audio>

SQL storage, offline application cache, drag & drop, editing, …

Get involved: and

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