Anne van Kesteren

Moving the goalposts

Now we have all these early adopters of HTML5 it seemed about time to move the goalposts. With help from Simon Pieters (SVG, some CSS bits), Sam Ruby (notably smaller SVG), and Robbert Broersma (menu) my site now looks uglier in most browsers. In fact, although I have not tested Safari 3.1, I am relatively certain it will not render properly in any released browser. Reportedly Opera 10 alpha on non-Linux platforms gets all the details correctly, but you need to reload first because of a bug that makes SVG images loaded from the content property not appear directly. Here is hoping we fix that for final. I use three SVG images in total and two fonts (one is referenced from SVG, for the guy that nowadays says “SVG SUCKS”). Besides using the content property on <input type="submit"> it is now also used for the main heading. This is from an experimental CSS draft (of which Opera implemented just this property long ago) so it might take a while I suppose before this renders in other browsers unless they suddenly give it priority. Things degrade gracefully though.