Anne van Kesteren

Lost in Translation

The CSS WG is meeting next week in Tokyo at the Mozilla office. Last time I flew twelve hours (Brisbane, Australia) I only stayed for a week. I found out that next time things ought to be different so now I came a week and a half early. Mike was kind enough to let me stay at his place and has been showing me around Tokyo. Very cool so far! Tonight we’re going to the original Pecha Kucha. (This weekend we’ll hopefully make it out of the city.)

I’ve been visiting the Opera and W3C Japanese offices and it occured to me that people are working much longer here. I came in around eleven (I know) and everyone was already here (not unexpected) and now it is seven and everyone is still here and not really planning on leaving. Take a look at the Oslo office after five… Anyway, working at the W3C, some bar and working at Opera today I managed to get Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (formerly Access Control …) to a state where it can be considered done. (Of course, lots of comments might make it undone again, we’ll see.)

Next the two XMLHttpRequest specifications need to be updated (event handling, base URL, integration with CORS), but I might work on some CSS WG issues first in preparation for the meeting next week. There are a few Media Queries issues left and CSS Namespaces is done (including tests) so it should be feasible to push those documents along. (CSSOM View received some feature requests so I’m waiting with that one.)