Anne van Kesteren

W3CTP: Yosemite and Halloween

After spending a couple of days in the Netherlands with Lachlan we teamed up with Marcos at Schiphol and flew to San Francisco International Airport. Having slept a little on the plane we were somewhat fresh and Marcos and Lachlan drove us to Yosemite National Park. Since I lack a driver license I slept in the back :-) The next morning we went into the park down to the valley and walked for twenty-five or so miles. Fortunately we met some people from Vancouver who brought lights since the last two hours we walked in moonlight. A little tired from the long walk we went to see the Sequoia trees the day after. This photo will have to do:

[Me standing under a tree.]

Later that day we drove back to San Francisco, found a hotel, and went to a pretty awesome Halloween party. Having never celebrated it before I have to say this was a lot of fun and if I happen to be in the USA next year I will make sure to have a proper costume. On Sunday we did some cycling:

[Lachlan and Marcos cycling over the Golden Gate bridge.]