Anne van Kesteren


I planned to post this way earlier but travel, jetlag, and a general feel that the entry was not quite finished got in the way. It seems to slow process on posting other things though so here it is.

I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of fights. The W3C did their part by providing us with popcorn and nachos, but none of the discussions about accessibility, distributed extensibility, extensions to host objects that cannot be implemented by ECMAScript directly, a language specification for HTML, et cetera went beyond polite discourse. Boring!

It is pretty clear we are reaching the end of the process. The specification no longer has major holes and the remaining issues are around differences of perspective on how certain issues need to be tackled. Of course, if at one point we decide to go the other way on one of these the outcome may be disruptive, but it does not seem all that likely.

The HTML WG did run again in unconference-style and the only thing I think we should here is gauge the level of interest in certain topics before giving them a one or half an hour slot. If there is just one person talking all the time it is not that interesting and we might as well have read an email outlining his position at some other point.