Anne van Kesteren

CSS WG: Brainstorming

Brainstorming day at Apple. Most of the morning we discussed how the value API for the CSSOM should be shaped and I think we managed to get somewhere. Now I need to write something up to see if it can actually work. In the afternoon new layout primitives were discussed. It seems something might finally happen. Tab Atkins (Google) stepped forward and is willing to drive this forward. Hopefully he manages to pull through. Would be pretty cool. (Understatement win.)

Something else; deliciously weird, useless, and has been said to explode heads:

<style contenteditable>head,style{display:block}</style>

Indeed, live style sheet editing! Go crazy. File bugs.


  1. Live style sheet editing was cool. Since style is allowed outside head (as of HTML5?) it also works without the head { display: block; } magic.

    See example here: live style sheet editing in body.

    That is actually something that can be useful in real world scenarios for users to customize designs, and see the results in real time.

    Posted by Jacob Rask at

  2. Wow. This is pretty sweet. There are some strange bugs, especially in the non-head version on mac-chrome, but still awesome. (hitting return to add a new piece of style seemed to cause all style to disappear, and I could cmd-Z to get back, but I couldn't "fix" it and have it re-paint. But still delicious.

    Posted by Christian Gruber at