Anne van Kesteren

IETF: HyBi and IRI

Participating in IETF meetings remotely is very convenient. The audio from the meeting room is broadcasted and can be played using e.g. MPlayer on Ubuntu. Then on the side Jabber is used for instant messaging. It basically serves as a place for side discussion, sometimes minutes, and relaying questions from remote participants. This is a lot more relaxing than phoning in, as the W3C requires. It is also open to everyone, no fiddling around with passwords or anything. Just clicking some links.

It might have been because the HyBi (works on the WebSocket protocol) and IRI (works on URLs) groups are new, but the discussions were very meta and pretty much everything technical brought up will be further discussed on the mailing list. As a twist, pretty much everything brought up had already been discussed on the list.

Influence of encoding of the document on the query component of a URL in certain environments (i.e. HTML), LEIRIs (not needed if we get HTML5-style URLs), the WebSocket handshake needs to be HTTP compliant (still not clear what is meant by that), instead of two distinct framing types layer one on top of the other, WebSocket versioning (just say no), and a lot more similar-sounding topics. No need to be confused by the way. It is highly unlikely any of this matters to you.


  1. Even more convenient would be to not have a meeting at all.

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