Anne van Kesteren


We walked up 高尾山 (Takao-san or Mount Takao) yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, but I made a few photos anyway with my cellphone. Went to an indoor Japenese hot spring afterwards. Pretty good day.


While working on posting this I was wondering whether the non-ASCII characters in the URL would cause problems. They did. The problem is that apparently Apache does not get the URL as full ASCII (the way HTTP sees it) so I had to modify the rewrite rule (from ([0-9A-Fa-z-%]+) to (.+). Took me some time to figure out the problem was not somewhere in PHP or MySQL.


  1. I typically use a negative pattern for Apache rewrite rules (ie. ([^/]+) instead of ([a-z]) etc.), so it never occurred to me what sort of data Apache feeds to the rewrite engine when it gets funky characters.

    Is it UTF-8, then, or am I missing something?

    Posted by J. King at

  2. Yeah, I suspect they use UTF-8 internally, but I have not bothered to find out. Things work. That is enough for me :-)

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Hm, I don't understand …

    what would I have to change exactly (and where? at .htaccess or do I need full server access?)?

    Posted by nuji at