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Other Tokyo news: colleagues are awesome, Micheal™ Smith is awesome, falling in love with 銭湯 (sentō; public baths), visiting the Ghibli Museum tomorrow, flying to Fukuoka on Friday so I can give a talk on CSS at HTML5 Tech Talk @Fukuoka on Saturday, and going to visit the Google offices near Shibuya Station next Tuesday. Somewhere in between I am trying to sort out the CORS versus UMP mess (see the mailing list), but am not making much progress so far. I wonder whether this is because it is hard to concentrate in a busy office as the problems do not really seem insurmountable or anything.

Oh, and does anyone know whether somewhat experienced mountaineers can try to take on 富士山 (Fuji-san or Mount Fuji) outside of the main season? I am somewhat (over) excited about trying it out, but have had not much luck in information gathering so far.


  1. I seem to have started a trend for standards-hunks to wear soft toys on their heads: see @pekingspring.

    my original look was invented while experimenting with chatroulette. whenever I was connected with naked gentlemen who were stroking themselves (about 80% of the time), I would silently begin stroking the toy on my head. It seemed to put them off their stroke (as it were).

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