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HTML5 Tech Talk @Fukuoka: CSS

[Speakers and organizers of the event posing for a picture together.]

I had a wonderful weekend in Fukuoka. On Saturday I gave a talk on some of the new CSS features browsers have been adding which I demonstrated with some live coding. This was at HTML5 Tech Talk @Fukuoka event. Although it was hard for me to follow most of the other talks, it was great meeting up with people there and exchanging ideas. They were all so nice! (Also learned a few more Japenese words.) From Daniel I learned that Ubuntu supports Fn+F7 as a way of enabling a projector. Definitely a lot nicer than what the "Display Preferences" dialog of Ubuntu puts you through. My presention on CSS effectively requires Opera (hit F11 for fullscreen to make everything work) until more browsers support the media type projection. In addition I designed it for 1024x768 to make things a little easier for myself with the photos. If anyone can do this resolution independent without resorting to viewport units and what not I would love to hear about it. (Designing for a bunch of resolutions with media queries is not really resolution independent in my opinion and would require a lot more typing than what I have now. Media queries are great for different layouts, but for scaling viewport units or some such need to be supported.)

The next day (i.e. Sunday) the organizers were kind enough to take me on a hike. It was lovely and very much appreciated! I hope to find some time tomorrow to get in touch with everyone and share the photos. Have some more catching up with work to do now and need to prepare for my visit to the Tokyo offices of Google in Shibuya.


  1. I'd done some work into making images that resize to fit different screen sizes, and I found that most browsers squish the image if the dimensions are too weird. Webkit seems to do the proper thing (scaling if the viewport is too small), but skews it until you refresh the page (if you change the size by dragging the window, I mean).

    Someone will have to do a great deal of research, if they're to get a layout to stretch to fit both landscape and portrait aspect ratios.

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