Anne van Kesteren

Fronteers in Breda

Last Wednesday Fronteers got together in Breda once again for draft Hertog Jan (and Hoegaarden!). Well, that and a presentation on “HTML5 Apps” (buzzword fever) by Nikolai and one on “CSS3” (more buzzword fever) by me. There is a Dutch summary available. I really enjoyed doing a lot of things live. Finding and downloading a free font from somewhere. Quickly skimming through the CSS 2D Transforms draft to find and figure out transform-origin. Grabbing a table from my own site to demonstrate :nth-child(odd). All while continuously promoting the color value papayawhip.

(Thanks to @_boye for accommodating my last-minute presentation requests and to Nikolai for letting me use his laptop while Ubuntu 10.04 failed on me by not streaming continuously to the projector, but only every so often. Also thanks to Peter, Krijn, and Matijs for making the long train ride that much more amusing :-))

Faster HTML and CSS: Layout Engine Internals for Web Developers is the presentation from David Baron I mentioned when asked about the way selectors are implemented and perform by the way. Highly recommended.