Anne van Kesteren


Motivated. Not motivated. Days of productivity. Relapse. Reading a book. Answering emails. Reading even more of them. Mostly just skimming and deleting email. Lowering the number. Gathering information. Getting involved in petty arguments. Increasing the number. Going out for food. The restaurant has a map. A map on the wall. Mercator projection. A map of the world. A map filled with push-pins. Push-pins represent visitors. The location on the map their home. No push-pins in the home country. Not enough push-pins, you think. Africa is low on push-pins. Typical. Only Ghana and South-Africa are pinned. You wonder why you have never seen it before. A map in a restaurant. Can the concept be applied elsewhere? Interest wanes. Raw food arrives. You prepare the beef on a hot plate. Korean-style, yet Japanese. Not that you ever were in Korea. Tastes good. Back. Not working on items planned. Doing something else. Something fresh. But what?