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Web DOM Core

I am currently at the Fronteers conference and while this talk is reportedly very funny I am just too tired from the Fronteers Jam Session last night to enjoy it. So I thought I would try writing a blog entry instead. As it happens during the break earlier I managed to make a few last minute fixes which made it possible for the W3C to publish Web DOM Core as a First Public Working Draft. (The W3C does not allow HTML5 yet, so I had to use HTML4 Transitional in order to trick the validator into allowing the value attribute on li elements. I also had to quote a few more attribute values. Actually used HTML Tidy for the first time.)

The plan with revising DOM Core is to align it with what is actually being implemented, clarify the language to make it much less ambiguous, and hopefully simplify the model somewhat as well. This hopefully allows implementations to focus on things that actually matter. And authors will not have to deal with a model that is way too complex for what they actually need it to do.

More later maybe. Thought it would be worth it to get this out there meanwhile.


  1. Attr no longer inherits from Node? Wow...

    Why is ownerElement missing? Isn't it implemented consistently among browsers?

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  2. Oops, comments were not supposed to be open. But now that they are… That is the idea yes. We want to remove as much as possible. I am not too convinced it will end up exactly this way, but time will tell.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. I must admit I was running on caffeine myself

    Posted by Jake Archibald at