Anne van Kesteren

HTML WG Teleconference

Mostly done with cleaning up the XMLHttpRequest and server-sent events test suites I thought I should dial in to the HTML WG teleconference for a change. I am a bit late but it seems the first five minutes were put into voice problems. A couple of minutes further, we now know there is no progress on standardizing WebSRT at the W3C until at least December 16. An action item from Julian Reschke was discussed. Missed the details. More mumbling. Maybe the voice problems are still there? A bunch of issues are mentioned, but not discussed. I am now on the call for well over seven minutes. Oh, the scribe spotted that an issue was overlooked. Nobody cared about it.

Nine minutes in something is happening. The Task Force has a proposal for the Lady of Shalott example prepared and in another forty-eight hours they expect to have found consensus on it. The Task Force Facilitator — I am not making this up — asks if it is okay that this is forwarded after forty-eight hours. Silence. More issues are mentioned by one of the Co-Chairs without anyone making a sound. I am now dialed in for twelve minutes.

Another sixty seconds four minutes passed.

Testing Task Force report. Lots of emails this month. Met face-to-face at TPAC. A pointer to notes is provided on IRC and an update on various tests that have been submitted is given. No comments from anyone.

The Accessibility Task Force is next. They are close to a milestone. Looking at gaps between WebSRT and TTML before they can bless it. (WebSRT and TTML are both captioning/subtitle formats — browsers are going with WebSRT.) The Task Force is not sure what the scope should be if there is a new Working Group for captioning/subtitle formats. They are not ready to make a recommendation. In one or two weeks there will be a controversial milestone report on element fallback from the Task Force. Some issue numbers were mentioned without context. Quite a bit to do on canvas. Nobody thinks that anything is missing in the report so far. The Protocols and Formats Working Group will do another top-to-bottom review of HTML5 with respect to WCAG techniques. There will be another Task Force between PF and WCAG to handle this. A moment of silence.

I am twenty-nine minutes into the call now and the topic is deadlines and publications. I still have trouble hearing this person. There are no comments on the plan. Actually, there is a small interruption. The Co-Chairs go through the Last Call bug list to make sure it is still accurate and no longer than before.

Thirty-four minutes in we have established there is no other business, apart from the Co-Chairs nobody volunteered to scribe for next call, and the Co-Chair currently not present will chair. Thirty-five minutes in the call is adjourned with no objections. Formal or otherwise.