Anne van Kesteren

Leave of absence

From March 15 until June 16 I will be backpacking in South America while leaving my laptop at home in the Netherlands. If there is something related to standards that cannot wait until the end of June I suggest you contact me and I will see what I can do.

Currently the only specification I edit that is frequently published is HTML5 differences from HTML4. Simon Pieters will update it while I am away whenever the W3C HTML Working Group wishes to publish an HTML5 snapshot. James Graham will take over as the person making HTML-related decisions for Opera.

The other specifications I edit will simply have to wait. I suspect that to be non-problematic as they have been in the works for years, but they can be easily forked if someone feels impatient.

As you might know I have been updating The WHATWG Blog the last four weeks with updates on standards-related matters:

This takes two-to-three hours each week plus some note taking throughout the week. It would be very nice if someone could take that over as penetrating what is happening is a daunting task for people not closely involved. Helping out is as simple as joining IRC and asking for directions. I will continue to write WHATWG Weekly until I leave.