Anne van Kesteren

Three years at Mozilla

I started in London during a “work week” of the Platform group. I had also just moved to London the weekend prior so everything was rather new. I don’t remember much from that week, but it was a nice way to get to know the people I had not met yet through standards and figure out what things I could be contributing to.

Fifteen months later I moved to Switzerland to prepare for the arrival of Oscar and Mozilla has been hugely supportive of that move. That was so awesome. Oscar is too of course and might I add he is a little bigger now and able to walk around the house.

Over the years I have helped out with many different features that ended up in Gecko and Servo (the web engines Mozilla develops) through a common theme. I standardize the way the web works to the best of my ability. In the form of answering questions, working out fixes to standards such as the security model of the Location and Window objects, and helping out with the development of new features such as “foreign fetch”. I hope to continue doing this at Mozilla for many years to come.