Anne van Kesteren

Flash Player 7

There is some information available about this new player. The reason I post about is that it supports CSS; yes you read it well. All the information I can find is listed here. Special thanks to Swapdepths, the weblog of Folkert, who has a lot of information about this subject.

The list:

The most interesting part is the CSS support within this new Flash Player. It’s not very good, but it’s a start. Maybe that’s why Eric Meyer switched over to MacroMedia. Flash Player 7 CSS demo. Just for the record: “You need Flash Player 7 for this demo.”


  1. Hi Anne,
    You should try doing more research on this. I mean, there have to be more things you can come to know about Flash PLayer 7, don't you think?!

    Posted by Remy at

  2. I think I stored most of the information here. Since it's still a beta version there isn't a lot of information available.

    It gets even better: The information I provided is available since two or three days :).

    Posted by Anne at