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Mezzoblue & web standards

See, his project involved this new-fangled technology that some people like and others don't and some people are afraid of and others aren't. But he wasn't even using this technology himself, except in the 'bad' way that he was trying to free everyone else from!

I never knew, but Mezzoblue was full of markup crap. (The owner of Mezzoblue came up with Zen Garden.) Now it looks clean. The only thing Dave hasn’t done yet is to serve it as XML and fixing the element he uses for his abbreviations. He currently uses acronym, which should be abbr in all cases.

There is also a rant against Jeffrey Zeldman in the comments of that topic. I don’t understand why someone would go and ruin someone’s post like that. Just mail the guy.


  1. You might be right about abbr vs acronym. Until now, I always used acronym: the difference between both seemed really fuzzy to me & Mark Pilgrim was telling that not all IE versions showed tooltips for abbr elements.

    XHTML2 however will remove the <acronym> element and will have the <abbr> element be used for acronyms also (

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  2. Hi Anne,
    I am very much impressed reading your weblog. As for acronyms and abbr. I must confess, I too did it wrong and never even thought about it. I watched your code and saw that you have things like MIME specified as an acronym. So for making it easy, can we claim that abbreviations spelled out like a word (like MIME) are acronyms and abbr where we spell each letter (like W3C or HTML) have to be specified as an abbr.

    That would make sense to me, and I just could remember this pretty good ;)

    Anyhow, keep on blogging, you have another returning reader.

    Greetings from the neighbourhood

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  3. HTML is not an acronym. ;)

    O, and Minz I read you weblog from time to time. Do you know if it's possible to tell the W3C validator that you use CSS3 with relative links? I use some CSS3 now but it won't work.

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  4. Anne,
    I don't know why it doesn't work.

    It works for my stylesheets on minzweb using the profile=3, just as you do. But I don't know how much CSS3 Syntax is implemented there.

    Seems it just doesn't know the ::Selectors.

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