Anne van Kesteren

My site still validates!

Zeldman announces a new validator: Markup Validation Service v0.6.5 [Beta #1]. AKA the "Zeldman Made Us Do It!" edition of the online markup validation service.

It also shows more human friendly messages: (site with around the 100 "markup problems"). Next to the warning message stands a discription how you can send a better warning message to the W3C, which eventually will improve the validator.

Some people are against this new validator, since it is incorrecet with the specification, but I think it's good, 'cause people don't want to know about the specification, they want to know what markup errors could give problems in browsers and not what browsers should support :).

My site (off course..) still validates. Yours?


  1. Mine too!
    Though I don't understand why it still has my page validated as text/html.

    Posted by Arthur! at

  2. I have that same problem. For a solution you have to look two topics back ;). Apperently the W3C validator hasn't got application/xhtml+xml in their accept header. It must be send to it that way, otherwise it's just text/html.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Yup, mine still validates.
    But I think they should make it clearer what the fussy parser means. To say a site doesn't validate when the parser is fussier than the specification is causing confusion. Of course I agree to being fussy, because it usually means better code.

    And has the accept header bug been submitted?

    Posted by Ben at

  4. Well, I am fussy, too :))
    Validates fine as application/xhtml+xml

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  5. Minz, are you using the PHP-version or the .htaccess-version of MIME-type application/xml+xhtml?

    I myself have used the PHP-version...

    Posted by Arthur! at

  6. Arthur,
    same with me! My hosting company doesn't allow too much playing around with server settings and .htaccess files, unfortunately.

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  7. They I don't understand why my site doesn't show application/xml+xhtml on validation.

    Posted by Arthur! at

  8. Arthur, I am doing sort of Browser sniffing for the W3C Validator. It is mentioned several times here: Upcoming redesign and xml-stylesheet testcase.

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  9. BTW, anne,
    there is always an xml error in action.php when submitting an URL.

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  10. Mine doesn't.
    Missing DTD's.

    Posted by Jacques Distler at