Anne van Kesteren

The MIME type of JavaScript?

I recently saw an example where the type attribute of the script element had the specified value: application/x-javascript. This seems to be correct after some research. Cconclusion was that text/javascript is incorrect, since there is never specified a MIME type for JavaScript. Therefore there should be used prefix (x-), just like CSS (-moz or -mso). However IE (for Windows only?) doesn't support this (yet?). Resources:

I'm not sure yet, but since my JavaScript for the new design doesn't work in Internet Explorer for Windows I think this is what I should use. Anyone a thought about this? Maybe there are more resources?


  1. application/rss+xml doesn't exist either, as far as I'm aware. As the specification itself uses text/javascript as an example, I'm willing to feign ignorance.

    Posted by Sean at

  2. You are right. Some things just don't make sense to me. But it seems to be more valid and IE ignores it, so I will get less error messages in that browser.

    Posted by Anne at